Mildred Jarrett | Abstract Artist

wednesday, august 17, 2016
Nashville Art Magazine

Check out the May 2016 issue.

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monday, may 21, 2012
Art: Up Close and Personal

Artist Mildred Jarrett To Relate Journey in Abstract Painting at Art: Up Close & Personal on May 14, 2012. Read more at:


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sunday, february 26, 2012
New Work Added

Lots of new work in my Abstract I and Abstract II portfolios, plus new pieces in Earth and Figurative. Also, I've updated my gallery information. 

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saturday, january 29, 2011
New Work

New work has been added to the Abstract I, Abstract II, Earth, and Figurative portfolios. Enjoy!

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sunday, october 04, 2009
New Work Added

New work has been added in my Earth, Organic, Figurative and Abstract portfolios. Enjoy!

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friday, october 02, 2009
Brentwood Academy Show

It is a distinct  privilege to again be involved in the Brentwood Academy Art Show. The many facets of meeting new clients and an overview of the past year's painting endeavors make this event an exciting opportunity.

For more information, visit Brentwood Academy's website.

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sunday, september 27, 2009
New Website

Welcome to my new website! I hope that you will enjoy my work.


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