Mildred Jarrett | Abstract Artist

sunday, october 04, 2009
New Work Added

New work has been added in my Earth, Organic, Figurative and Abstract portfolios. Enjoy!

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02/16/2010 - Pidge Cash

Hello Millie Jarrett - I'm very interested in a workshop, class or lessons with you . I've discovered in doing a wee bit of painting here in M'boro that I have no interest at all in painting still lives, figures, landscapes from photos, etc. I enjoy drawing that stuff more than painting it. But I adore moving paint around on a canvas. I've always wanted to know how to work paint into abstract compositions and got seduced into metals and fibers before I learned how. Are there other folks in town who are interested in abstract work? Is there a way you could offer a class or workshop? Thanks - I look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, Pidge Cash

12/27/2009 - Ellen Rogers

M, Please call me so we can get together! I met you at Brentwood with Melissa! Call me @ 404-915-7765! I would love to do art together! come to Atlanta GA! XOXO! Ellen

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